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"Finally a pain cream that works!!!"

- David W.

"I used my friend's Original #12 for carpel tunnel within about 15-20 minutes after applying I didn't notice the pain. I ordered my own the next day. Now I use it on all my aches & pains."

- Barbara W.

"This is the real deal! I feel fantastic after using it. It also has no smell!"

- Ashley B.

"I started using the pain cream daily a few weeks ago. It helps with my everyday aches and pains The best part is nobody knows I have it on. NO SMELL! Thanks Broadway Joe!"

- J.C.

"This is the first time I have used the Broadway Joes Pain Cream. Let me just say I'm more than happy with the results. I have arthritis in my hands and in 20 minutes after using it my pain went away and I finally got some relief! It's my first time using a CBD cream and now I use it every day!"

- Mike C.

"I came across this online. Lets just say I was skeptical at first. I suffer from knee pain. I started to use every morning, afternoon and night. I did this for a week. My knees now feel the best they have in YEARS!!! I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Plus I LOVE that is has no odor!"

- Jim B.

"I keep a jar of the pain cream on my desk. My neck tightens up everyday from sitting and using multiple computer screens. I apply it as soon as I feel tightness happening. 10 minutes later I feel great! It really does work!"

- Cindy W.

"I started using the Broadway Joe's Pain cream on my hands. It really helps to manage my arthritis. I use it everyday."

- Sarah G.